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The uLearn conference was a fantastic experience! I am still buzzing with ideas and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to network with so many enthusiastic and inspiring teachers.
Thank you to everyone for all the professional dialogue we had regarding learning, technology, curriculum, digital pedagogy and much much more.

Please take a look at my blog page which shares some of the resources I collected from the breakout sessions.

Vanessa's Blog

Bethlehem's 21st Learning Committee.

Below is a list of other staff members from Bethlehem who have been blogging and sharing all their ideas and resources reading digital pedagogy. This group of bloggers have formed a 21st century learning committee. This committee was developed to support our students/digital learners and those that are educating them.

21st Teaching & Learning (Science Perspective) -

ICT & English /Drama -

English & ICT -

In the mood for food -

ESL eLearning -