Breakout 1
Beyond the Electronic Filing Cabinet
Bruce Carpenter - Physics
Katie Niklaus - Psychology
Kylie Staggard - Mathematical Methods
Bendigo Senior Secondary College
geogebra - free
Storyboard with powerpoint and smart notebook
import into adobe captivate to add animation and narration
export to html and flash - interactive free physics objects - gathering feedback - flashcards
Username: ulearn2010
Password: christchurch

Breakout 2
Top tips for lessons in Moodle
Lessons can be used for a repository of documents/webpages
Or as a series of slides with following questions

Breakout 3
An Inquiry Approach for 21st-Century Learning
Craig Cummings @ MFGSC Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College
Kirsty Forsyth @ MFGSC Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College
Stixy URL:
Constructivism - construction of new knowledge from experience, learning by doing
Active learning
Student Centred
Teacher Facilitator
Authenticity - Real life problem solving, Making a difference, Ask important / big questions, Problem solve realistically - try to avoid pretending, Have the opportunity to contribute
English, Humanities, Science and some Maths - 15 periods a week replaced by IBL
21st Century Skills - Creativity, Collaboration, Networking, Communication, Problem solving, Publlishing and Sharing - Prensky's Essential 21st Century Skills
Thinking tools - Process skills and process tools
Influences - Lane Clark, Wiggins and McTighe, Kath Murdoch, Queensland Rich Task
Moodle - Learning Management System
1 to 2 - one notebook per 2 students, interactive whiteboard
IBL - Culminating Rich Task, Authentic Units - Making a Difference, Interdisciplinary Learning > All areas of curriculum
ICT - On demand access to a range of tools, 1-to-1 laptop program, Online Classroom (Moodle)
Teams - Team planning, team teaching, professional learning
Process - Immersion --> Petit Inquiry (research task and sharing) --> Rich task
Rich tasks - students hand in an 'evidence package' that documents the process, and the evaluation

Breakout 4
Bridging the gap between school and students: Effective online teaching and learning
Sandy Dougherty -
Nathaniel Louwrens -
Te Kura - The Correspondence School
Pedagogy - Not online text books, Moving learning to different places, environments and contexts, interact and collaborate
* Twitter ~ more for own professional learning
* Wallwisher - Online sticky notes, simple user-friendly tool, colourful, professional looking. Need to log in and monitor the wall otherwise you lose control of the site.
* Google Wonder wheel ~ Great for refining research ideas, but not on but on
* Google Docs ~ Collaboration
Relationship building is vital - Engagement - regular, consistent feedback, fresh relevant content, student-led activities, students feeding back, students interacting
* Etherpad ~ - similar to an interactive whiteboard
* Skype ~ screen sharing is a great feature
* Glogster ~ - Online poster creation can include videos, photos, links and text
* Voicethread ~ ~ for video discussion, video, audio and text
* Active Worlds ~ 3D virtual worlds - not free. Second Life is free.

Breakout 5
Emerging technologies and transforming learning in schools
Westley Field
Skype: westleyf
Phone: +61 427 851 261
MLC School
Nothing is banned except for porn, learnt to use that responsibly
Computers are everywhere.. marks have not gone down since introduction of laptops
Speak their mind, independent thought
ISTE 2010 PResentation June 28 Project RED
OECD, Microsoft, NMC
Trends - Personalised learning, collaborative learning, technology as a critical friend (literacy), process to replace content, global connections, mobile learning (cyber-safety), online learning
Transforming learning through (re)imagining school
By exposing the teaching you get improvement
Use social technologies in positive ways, not avoiding them
If you don't give people experience they become illiterate
Kevin Kelly - Futre thinker - search on Google
Should we be testing something they can look up on Google?
Augmented reality
Video - Test me i'm a mechanic BMW augmented reality
US Dept of Education - Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online-Learning
Students who took all or part of their course online performed better on average than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.
Teacher shortages

Breakout 6: Simple Digital Tools - Powerful Student Learning
Teachers providing high quality:
- opportunities for ingenuity
- resources
- digital learning tools and environments
- assessment
- learning tasks
- equitable access
- responsiveness and intervention
Enables students who:
- are expert learners
- produce work of quality
- are capable in their use of ICT
- are creative in their use of ICT
- add value to learning through use of ICT