Martin Seligman has done amazing work in Positive Psychology. If your school is doing anything on Teacher and Student wellbeing this is an excellent resource. You will need to follow this link and register onto the world's largest psychology database. Once registered you willl have access to a range of surveys related to wellbeing. I highly recommend the VIA Strengths Inventory. This identifies your character strengths. There are twenty-four character strengths in total, your top five should be incorporated into your daily life: work, relationships etc . His book 'Authentic Happiness' details this and others on the site. The children's version can be done for students up to 18 years. I have done it with students at school & the adult one as Professional Development for teachers.

Tony Ryan, one of the presenters at the conference, does a lot of work on Wellbeing. You may wish to check him out. His presentation on Digital Technologies was great.. He also presented 'Solutions' - the thinking keys but unfortunately I did not get to that one.

Teresita Borthwick