Bern's uLearn Resources
Breakout 1 - Lee Crockett - Literacy is NOT Enough
The part of this breakout I found thought provoking was the effect that project based/inquiry based learning has on retention of knowledge. Lee stated that two groups were followed over a year, one being taught traditionally, one project based. At the end of the year the tests scores between both groups were similar. However, after a year, the project based group had retained 80% of the knowledge, to the traditional groups 30% Here are my notes for his fluencies.
Bernard's Notes Lee Crockett.docx
Breakout 2 - Joanne Blannin - Social Networking in the Primary Classroom

Joanne's presentation can be found at this site.
Check out Edmodo for secure classroom microblogging, and TutPup for a FREE, mathletics like, website.
Breakout 3 - David Anderson - Learning Talk: the essential foundation for powerful learning conversations and professional growth
A great workshop for improving communication and professional relationships on staff. The handouts were hand written, so have to scan and post the jpgs! Not overly tech savy this one, but it covers the most important aspect of all of our jobs, relationships! Visit his website here.Bernard's Notes David Anderson.docx
Breakout 4 - Diane Rickard, Shona Brooks - Personalised Learning and the effective use of ICT in the Early Years
Brilliant breakout. The principles of early learning in practise. 100chn, 5 teachers, learning centres, play based learning. These girls teach at Silverton Primary School in suburban Melbourne.Bernard's Notes Early Years.docxearlylearningpresentation.pptPlannerWk12.doc
Breakout 5 - Westley Field - Emerging Technologies and Transforming Learning in Schools
More to come here!

I think the title of the conference says it all, uLearn, not eLearn. As technology changes the landscape around us and the students in front of us, the focus is still learning, and how we use technology to help our students become learners and thinkers for the world they do and will inhabit. As teachers we need to focus on our pedagogy for a digital world.